Fast Internet access in Punta del Este

This service provides a turnkey solution for realising fast Internet connectivity in city and rural areas around Punta del Este using LTE technology provided by several mobile operators.

It is possible to realise IP connections able to transfer data at speeds more than 10Mbits/s bandwidth in both directions with no perceavable packet-loss and low latency typically less than 50ms. This allows for high quality real time communications like audio and video calls.

Total costs: 2200 USD

Cost are paid only if connectivity can be realised after the initial site survey.

Read below for a breakdown of the activities.

1. Site survey

LTE frequency spectrum

LTE spectrum allocation in Uruguay

Provider Band Uplink Downlink Comment
Antel 4 1710-1755 2110-2155 FDD LTE AWS 1725 a 1730
Antel 5 824-849 869-894 UMTS HSDPA+ 835 a 845 y 846,5 a 849 Mhz, y 880 a 890 y 891,5 a 894 Mhz
Movistar 5 824-849 869-894 UMTS HSDPA+
Movistar 2 1850-1910 1930-1990 FDD LTE 4 blocks of 10MHz
Dedicado 42 3500 3500 TDD LTE

The site survey consists of travelling on location to perform signal strength analysis and identification of mobile operators coverage using an RF spectrum analyser and terrain height measurements for determination of best antenna location and type of equipment. Advise will be provided related to the best way of realising the Internet connectivity inside and outside the premisses.

2. Equipment

If the site survey show that fast mobile Internet access is possible, it is necessary to purchase equipment to realise the connectivity. The following equipment is necessary to provide the connectivity:

  • Dual port MiMo LTE antenna
  • RG68 cabling for MiMo LTE antenna
  • External pole (maximum 6 meter high)
  • 4G LTE router
  • CAT6 UTP cabling for LAN connection
  • Surge protectors

Note. The actual components may be difference than those depicted in this web site at the moment of purchase.

Optional costs

If an external antenna pole is installed, to protect the equipment, a lightning protection rod and grounding connection is recommended. The cost for this lighting protection is 450 USD.

3. Installation

Installation consists of advising what network plan must be purchased from the mobile operator, connecting all equipment together, activating the router and testing Internet connectivity. A mobile plan must be purchased from a mobile operator and we will advise which plan is best suited for your situation.

Costs are not refundable. Equipment has a 12 months guarantee.


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